We were a member of the slow flowers movement before there was one!

We are seasonal growers, with 100+ varieties of organic flowers & herbs in the garden adjacent to the store.  Our flowers are mainly  in bloom & available from late May through early October.   The season may be short here in New York’s Sullivan Catskills, but the choices aren’t limited.  As you wander through our garden, you’ll find vegetables to pick as well.

There are many ways you can enjoy our garden:
    Stroll through, check out what’s blooming and watch the birds and bees.
    Pick a bouquet or two to take home with you.
    See what vegetables are ready to pick.
    Bring a sketchpad or your camera.
We provide scissors and a short, in-person primer for first timers. No need to worry about getting your picks home safely and freshly.  We prep them for travel for you.

Having an event or a wedding?

We offer several options for gorgeous, locally grown flowers for your special event or wedding.

DIY — You and/or some of your friends and relatives pick the flowers yourselves.  This fun event becomes part of the entire  experience. 
Click for details.

Bulk Flowers — We cut, clean and make ready a bucket of flowers for you to  pick up.  The creative process remains in your hands.  Click for details.

Combo — Combine of either or both options as described above with us making some of the arrangements, bouquets and/or boutonnieres for the event.

Full Service — We arrange the flowers for the entire event. 

We grow all of the flowers right here in our Youngsville garden, and we would love to discuss with you what types of flowers would most likely be available at the time of your special event or wedding.  If there are specific flowers you would like, and if they will grow and bloom here at that time, we are happy to grow them for you with enough notice.

Please get in touch to talk further about what you have in mind.  The more we know, the more we can help you end up with exactly what you need. 

We’re proud members of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers and  Pure Catskills.

                                         Please enjoy photos of our garden and our work