Youngsville, New York is small hamlet located in the Town of Callicoon  in the western part of Sullivan County, NY (The Sullivan Catskills).   It’s the kind of place where everyone knows everyone.  People keep to themselves, but come out to help when it’s needed. You’ll always get a wave and a smile. The post office is still the gathering place where you see everyone, catch up on the news and get your mail.  It was a perfect place for us to start a business.  We wanted an old building with lots of character, a wide open space for a garden, all on an easily accessible road.  We’ve enjoyed becoming part of this community.
Here’s a postcard of our shop in the early 1900s.

If you’re a history wonk, Here’s a little History of the area, transcribed from the locally famous “History of Sullivan County, NY”  written in 1873 by James Eldridge Quinlan.

For more on the area, visit the Sullivan Catskills Visitors Association,
the Jeffersonvile Area Chamber and the Scenic Wild Delaware